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Indonesia has the world’s second highest biological diversity, and its herbs and spices have been used for centuries to enhance the flavor of various foods and beverages, both locally and internationally. JIVA Agro provides a variety of premium quality Indonesian herbs and spices in powder or flakes sourced directly from farmers and small-holders throughout Indonesia. Increased food spending and shifting dietary patterns toward health and flavor authenticity have accelerated the growth of the Indonesian herbs and spices industry. Furthermore, the rapidly expanding packaged food industry is expected to boost demand for Indonesian herbs and spices.

JIVA Agro’s extensive knowledge of material sourcing has enabled the company to efficiently develop sustainable supply chains and distribution channels for Indonesian herbs and spices, which is critical for staying ahead of industry developments and anticipating market opportunities. The flavorful Indonesian herbs and spices available from the company range from black pepper, white pepper, and tamarind to nutmeg and chili. Our Spices are subjected to stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process in order to retain optimum levels of active substances contained within the raw materials; this ensures flavors, taste, aromas, and nutrient levels are preserved during this process. Given the variety of applications, JIVA Agro is an ideal partner for utilizing its Indonesian herbs and spices as ingredients in novel functional foods.

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Dried nutmeg kernels from local processors network based out of Indonesia and later brings them to our facility near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for final processing and packaging. We makes it easy for you to buy ground Nutmeg online in bulk based on your requirements

Packaging Bulk Pack/Custom
Origin North East Indonesia
Current Supply Olam Indonesia, United Status and ASEAN
Grade US/EU Grade
Aflatoxyn Guarantee EU Standard – Moisture Content under 10% Aflatoxyn guarantee under 5 PPB US standard – Moisture Content under 12% Aflatoxyn guarantee under 8PPB
Non AflatoxynGuarantee Asia standard – Moisture Content under 14% Non-Aflatoxyn guarantee Non Standard – Moisture Content Up from 14% orhigh Non aflatoxyn gurantee Non sortation
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White pepper is a mild form of pepper with a slightly fermented aroma and taste. It is harvested from pepper fruit that grows from a woody vine, or pepper plant, which is primarily cultivated in Vietnam, India and Indonesia. While black pepper is made from berries, that are dried and stored after being picked, white pepper comes from berries that are picked ripe, then soaked in water before they are dried — allowing the outer flesh to rub off in a process known as “retting.” Here at, our pepper is either grown on our pepper estates in Vietnam and Brazil or secured through a farm level sourcing network managed in-origin by personnel in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brazil and Malaysia. After drying, the peppercorns are processed at our state-of-the-art facility in the Gai Lai Province of Vietnam. We makes it easy for you to buy Ground White Pepper online in bulk based on your requirements.

Spec Whole White Pepper Ground White Pepper
Moisture 12% Max 13% Max
Mold / Insect 0.5% Max
Light Berries 0.5%Max
Foreign Metter 2% Max 0.5%Max

Origin : Indonesia, Single origin Banka Islands
Taste : Muntok white pepper releases base notes of burnt herbs and strong notes of menthol and camphor
Packaging : Custom
Current Supply : USA/EU
Supplycapacity : 3containers/Month

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This household staple is native to the Malabar Coast of India. However, today Vietnam produces almost one-third of the total pepper produced worldwide. The remaining two-thirds are cultivated in India, Brazil and Indonesia. Here at, our black pepper is secured through a farm level sourcing network managed in- origin by personnel in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brazil and Malaysia. We also have two Madeinindonesia. com-owned estates in Gia Lai, Vietnam and Bahia, Brazil where we utilize best agricultural practices such as cover crops, compost and digital crop monitoring systems to produce a fully traceable and environmentally friendly black pepper supply. We makes it easy for you to buy Pepper Powder online in bulk based on your requirements

Characteristics Standard Specification
Moisture 12% Max
Mold / Insect 0.5% Max
Light Berries 0.5% Max
Foreign Matter 2% Max

Origin : SingleoriginLampungIndonesia
Quality and Size : –500to600GL(MC)
Current Exports : United States, Germany, Vietnam
Current Supply capacity : 10 containers/Month
Packaging : Bulk–custom
Certifications : All certificates available on demand

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Style Fresh
Type of cultivation Ordinary
Color Black
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Characteristics Standard Specification
Moisture 12 –13%
Foreign Matter 1% Max
Color Brown –Reddish

Origin : East Indonesia(North sulawaesi islands)
Color : Reddish Brown
Smell : Strong aroma
Favorable travel temperature range : 5-25°C.
Treatment : SunDried/Machine cleaned
Packaging : Available 25KG Bulk pack
Current Supply : ASEAN/INDIA
Capacity : 2 to 4 Containers/Month

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Characteristics Standard Specification
Origin Indonesia
Color Brownish Yellow
Taste Spicy, Sweet,and Warm
Scrape Off Clean
Cut Size By Request
Moisture Max 13%

Origin : Single origin West Sumatera Indonesia (direct from Farm)
Certifications : Food safety certification such as(HACCP) and Food Safety System Certification(FSSC) 22000
Current Exports Destinations : United States,Thailand,India,EU
Supply Capacity : 3 to 5 containers/Month
Packaging : Bulk packaging/Custom

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Characteristics Standard Specification
Taste Bitter
Moisture 5-6%
Impurity 1%
Color Grey to Black
Live Insect / Weevils Nil
E.Coli Max 3.0 MPN/G
Yeast & Mould Max 1% by Weight / Max 500 CFU/G

Origin : Indonesia
Specification : Color light yellow to orange Texture Turmeric physical character Pre-treatment
washed and peeled on demand
Packaging : Bulk
Current Supply : China / Hongkong/ Viatnam

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Product Type Single Herbs & Spices
Style Fresh
Processing Type Raw
Color Yellow
Shape Powder
Taste Excellent Flavor
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Product Type Single Herbs & Spices
Shape Granule
Class 100% natural
Color White Brown
Source Now
Characteristics Standard Specification
Moisture 9% Max
Total Ash 7 –9% Max
Acid Insoluble Ash 2 –2.5% Max
Oil Content 1 –1.8 Max
Impurities 0 –2% Max

Origin : Indonesia-West Java
Current Supply : Bangladesh, Vietnam , Australia
Specification : Raw, 100 Grams And Up Per Piece, Washed Or Un-washed, Without Pests And Diseases, Natural Processing Without Waxed Or Chemicals. Packaging : Mesh Bag, Carton Box
Packaging : Bulk Packing
Supply capacity : –10 containers/month

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Date: September 8, 2022
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